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Remediation and greening activities

APISORELIA LLC. has the ability to carry on various remediation and decontamination activities, both on the customer's site and on its own site. Such activities are:

How it's done: water-sludge separation

  • The water-sludge mixture is sucked off from its storage place (basin, tank etc.) into the de-watering installation, using a special pumping and dosing equipment.
  • Together with its absorption, into the water-sludge mixture is injected a flocculation agent (a polymer based substance), which highly increases the efficiency of the separation process.
  • The separation of sludge from water using special filters, inside the de-watering installation, followed by the separated collection of these two components.

How it's done: water-oil separation

  • The water-oil compound emulsion is "broken" using the ultra filtration process.
  • The ultra filtration process takes place on a special membrane, which allows to pass only the water molecules, but not the molecules of the oil compound. In this way, these two components of the emulsion are divided and can be collected separately.

APISORELIA LLC. possess the equipments and the qualified personnel to effectuate the water-sludge and water-oil compounds separation processes directly on customer's site (decantation basins, collecting basins, sludge ponds, tanks, reservoirs etc.).

The dismantling and decontamination of oil/fuel filters and brake plates is effectuated on our own site, located on the Savinesti Industrial Site, Neamt County.

Customers: GFR Logistics Brazi, Unirea Iași, Aker Brăila, Fartec Brașov, Reva Simeria, Vinexport Focșani.

All the services offered by APIECO SERV Ltd. are carried on with the full observance of all the regulations in force

The tariffs are negotiated in accordance with the complexity of the activity and with the hazard level of involved waste products.