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Recovery of recyclable materials

Our company acknowledges the importance of material recycling worlwide, in order to save the natural resources. The recycling process is the key-step of a strategic waste management, together with reduction of comsumption and utilization of resources. Recycling assumes many times the re-utilization, thus being a broader concept. The recyclable materials originate from the industrial environment, offices or houses and consist of paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, metals, textile materials.

Apisorelia LLC. is authorized to collect from various companies and state institutions non-hazardous recyclable waste (paper and cardboard, PET, hârtie şi carton, PET-uri, poly-ethylene and other plastic materials, textile materials), which are sorted on categories and then transported to authorized companies for recovery or recycling.This way we ensure the recovery and reutilization of paper, plastic, textiles, and other recyclable materials.


The plastic manufactured by man was discovered by Alexander Parkers in 1862, at London. Derived from cellulose, this material, once heated, could be poured in various shapes, which were stable ofter cooling.Parkers said that the plastic could do everything that rubber could but at a much lower cost. He had discovered something that was transparent and that could be poured in a thouthand of shapes.

Why should we recycle the plastic?

Did you know...
  • Each ton of recycled plastis saves 700-800 kg of crude oil?
  • Ten recycled PET can produce a shirt or a square meter of carpet?
  • Fifty recycled PET can produce a sweater?
Do not forget!

Plastic products which are discarded and end up in landfills do not decompose almost never!