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Temporary storage of industrial waste

S.C. APIECO SERV LLC. has the ability to temporary deposit a variety of industrial waste products, both hazardous and non-hazardous, before they are transported to the final disposal. These wastes are stored in temporary storage facility (transfer station), authorized by the local environment protection agency and by the fire protection authorities. The deposit is located on the Savinesti Industrial Site, in Neamt county.

The temporary storage is made with the purpose to have the possibility to carry out transports with high quantities of dangerous wastes, but with a low frequency instead of transports with low quantities of wastes, but with a higher frequency. In this way it reduces the probability of incidents during transportation and, by consequence, the risks of affecting the population and the environment are reduced.

In our temporary deposit can be stored the following waste categories:

According to the regulation, in our temporary deposit cannot be stored the following types of waste:

Environment permit no. 167/16.06.2009 of Apieco Serv Ltd. (Romanian, PDF document - 7,35 MB)

Complete list of waste that can be temporary stored in our deposit (Romanian, PDF document - 146 KB)

The temporary storage capacity is of maximum 1000 tons/month, in special arranged spaces, with colors codification, based on waste characteristics

Taking into account their physical and chemical properties, the waste products are stored in different types of packages: polyethylene bags, polypropylene bags, double-sided bags, bug/bags of 500, 800 or 1000 kg, metallic barrels of 200 litters, plastic barrels of 50, 100 or 200 litters, IBC type containers, transportation boxes of various capacities etc.

Our company can ensure the sorting of solid wastes into categories, and their proper packaging.

All the services offered by Apieco Serv Ltd. are carried on with the full observance of all the regulations in force.

Our tariffs are negotiable in accordance with the quantity of waste to be temporary stored before the transportation to final disposal.